Rescue a cat from ticks. The cat is looking for a home (English subtitles) / SANI vlog

Опубликовано: 5 июн 2020
This story is about saving a cat from ticks. The cat is looking for a home / SANI vlog

On May 9, my friends and I went to the river. Not far from our place in the bushes there was a black and white cat. The cat was so hungry that he swallowed pieces of bread. We noticed a lot of ticks in the body of the cat. The ticks were both small and huge. And then we decided to take the cat home, wash it, remove all the ticks, show it to the vet and then find a new home for him. How many difficulties and surprises awaited us later ...
In this video, we will tell you what to do if you are bitten by a tick, as well as show you how to properly get / remove / pull out ticks.

The cat is located in Belarus in the city of Bobruisk. We are ready to personally deliver the cat to your home anywhere in Belarus. And if you live outside the Republic of Belarus and are ready to come to us yourself, please mark it in your message. Tell us in detail why this cat should be yours. All links to contact us are listed below.

As soon as we find a new home for the cat, a video will be released on this channel in which we will tell and show everything.

The age of the cat is approximately 2 years. It is impossible to say for sure. Sterilized. Cleared of worms and parasites. There are no fleas or ticks. Very affectionate, very tame and very beautiful. Calm, friendly and playful at times. He loves to be always there, often in his arms. Unlike little kittens, this cat is completely ready for home life. Already accustomed to the tray, does not harm and eats any food. Give him love, affection and care, and he will adore you for the rest of his life.
We tried to feed the cat "natural", so the future owner can safely continue to feed with food from his table (not salted, not peppery, not fried, not greasy, etc.), or, if he wishes, transfer it to cat food. The name of the cat was not given. Let the future owner do this too :)
We are looking for an adult, reliable person who treats the animal as a member of his family and not as a temporary toy! If this person is you, or you know such a person, please let us know.

IMPORTANT!!! In order not to clog the dialogues and not to waste our and your time, HUGE PLEASE write only on the question "TAKE THE CAT". Only if you are 100% sure that you are ready to take a cat, and if you are already 18 years old.

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Hello everyone. My name is Sasha. On this channel "SANISHOW" we pick up abandoned or just homeless animals, treat them, shoot the whole process on camera, then make a video with which we find a new home for them. We also tell interesting stories, shoot jokes and fail with the participation of our pets, and much more ...

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Love and do not hurt animals.
Do good deeds!
Republic of Belarus.


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