Rescue a kitten without an eye. Kittens looking for a home / SANI vlog

Опубликовано: 15 окт 2020
This story is about saving a kitten without an eye and its brother. Kittens are looking for a home!

In August, we were informed about a small black kitten that was lying on the hospital grounds and did not move. When we arrived at the address, the kitten was gone, but then in the bushes we found a box with a cat and two kittens. I had to take the whole cat family, try to treat the kitten's eye and then try to look for a new home for each of them. Then we did not yet know how many turns of events would await us later ...
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Every time we select stray animals in search of a new owner, we rely only on your support and only thanks to YOUR help we CAN do this ...

● Both kittens are overexposed in Belarus (Bobruisk city). We are ready to personally deliver them to your home anywhere in Belarus.
● We do not have the opportunity to travel outside the Republic of Belarus yet, but if you are ready to come to us yourself, please mark it in your message.
● Tell us in detail about yourself and why you should get them. This is necessary in order to choose a kind and responsible owner among hundreds of different unknown people - you. All links to contact us are listed below.
● IMPORTANT !!! We will not give the cat to anyone under the age of majority. If you are under 18, but your family does not mind adopting a cat, please ask your parents to contact us.
● IMPORTANT !!! In order not to clog the dialogues and not to waste our and your time, HUGE PLEASE write only on the question "TAKE THE KITTENS" And only if you are 100% sure that you are ready to take one kitten or both kittens at once.

As soon as we give the kittens into good hands, a video will be released on this channel in which we will tell and show everything.

● Kittens are about 4 months old, both boys. One kitten has a pleasant leopard color, the second is black with single white hairs all over the body, like highlighting :). The black kitten has no right eye, but the health is excellent. Both kittens are very affectionate and tame. True, the gray one still needs time to get used to it completely. Both kittens are litter-trained, do not harm and feel great. Checked by the veterinarian and cleared of all parasites. The appetite is good, they eat both cat food (dry and wet food, canned food, etc.), and natural human products (boiled meat, cereals, etc.). Both kittens are very friendly with each other and it would be ideal if there was a kind person who wants to take two at once. Indeed, many times on our own experience and the experience of our friends and acquaintances, we were convinced that cats or cats are much happier if they live with a friend / girlfriend. These kittens have been together since childhood and get along very well with each other. We can't keep it for ourselves, because we already have 2 cats and 2 cats, but we can find another family for them. Write!

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● VK Dialogue: im?media=\u0026sel=-31795824
● Instagram (write to direct): deefolt
● I'm on VK: vlogboy
● VK group: sanishow
● Our channel:
● Second channel:
(we do not leave the phone number in order to avoid off-topic calls and pampering)

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Love and do not hurt animals.
Do good deeds!
Republic of Belarus.


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