Rescue of a ginger cat. The cat is looking for a home / SANI vlog

Опубликовано: 9 май 2021
Rescue of a ginger cat. The cat is looking for a home / SANI vlog

A sick red cat with a huge bite on the back and a bruise on the side appeared in the entrance of our house. The cat will sit for 3 days and 3 nights on the transformer booth, did not eat, did not drink and went to the toilet "for himself." The tenants chased him, tried to drive him out of the entrance, but he did not go out into the street, shouted and hissed at them. The neighbors said that the cat is wild, sick and is unlikely to survive. We decided to help him and from this moment the most interesting thing begins ... See in this issue how we tried to appease this wild cat with a thick glove, how we persuaded him to eat, what happened the next day, where we brought him, what we found on the body of the cat, when it was washed and what the veterinarian said about this cat. Please watch this video to the very end, listen carefully and do whatever I asked at the end of the video. The future of this cat depends on it!

● The cat is located in Belarus in the city of Bobruisk. We are ready to personally deliver the cat to your home anywhere in Belarus.
● If you live outside the Republic of Belarus and are ready to come to us yourself, please mark this in your message.
● Tell us in detail about yourself and why you should get them. This is necessary in order to choose a kind and responsible owner among hundreds of different unknown persons - you. All links to contact us are listed below.
● IMPORTANT! We will not give the cat to persons under the age of majority. If you are under 18, but your family does not mind adopting a cat, please ask your parents to contact us.
● IMPORTANT! In order not to clog up dialogues and not to waste our and your time, HUGE PLEASE write only on the question "I WILL TAKE A RED CAT". And only if you are 100% sure that you are ready to pick up the mushroom.

The age of the cat is approximately 2-3 years. Castrated. Cleared of worms and parasites. The cat has no fleas and ticks. Very affectionate, very tame and incredibly beautiful. Calm, friendly and playful at times. This cat, unlike small kittens, is completely ready for home life: it is already accustomed to the litter box, does not harm and behaves calmly. The cat is very fluffy, so from time to time you need to comb it out with a special glove. This cat has an incredible look that looks straight into the soul. Give him love, affection and care, and he will adore you for the rest of his life.
We feed the cat with cat food: 3-5 packs per day + dry food. The name of the cat was not given. Let the future owner do this too :)
We are looking for an adult, reliable person who treats the animal as part of his family, and not as a temporary toy! If this person is you, or you know such a person, please let us know.

As soon as we find a new home for the cat, a video will be released on this channel in which we will tell and show everything. Do not forget to check if you are subscribed to our channel and if you have pressed the bell for notifications of new videos.

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● Instagram (write to direct): deefolt
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● VK group: sanishow
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